New Clean LivingNew Clean Living

Company History

Lately we have noticed that customer service has been pushed aside and making an extra dollar has become the priority. When we started New Clean Living, we decided that instead, we’d prioritize customer service and the environment. New Clean Living strives first and foremost to make sure its clients are happy.

What drives us is knowing that 90% of the business comes from referrals. We know that your time and money go hand in hand, and we do not want to waste either. We are always professional, punctual and discrete. We feel cleaning services should be a luxury. When you go to a spa, you pay to feel relaxed, stress free and pampered. At New Clean Living, we believe you should have that same feeling when getting any cleaning service, be it for your home or business. So go ahead give us a call, and let go of all your cleaning worries.

Eco-Friendly Products

The environment is very important to NCL. When ever possible we will use eco friendly products. We will work with you and go as green as your cleaning needs require.

Ask us about our echo freindly products.