New Clean LivingNew Clean Living

Part of our building maintenance program is making sure all the spaces are clean and shiny. Through our building maintenance program, we offer the best janitorial services in Vancouver, BC. Our New Clean Living team will arrange a meeting with you to talk about how would you like your space to be cleaned. We know the importance of time, space and materials, and therefore personalize the cleaning time, services, and methods.Check out our janitorial checklist- we offer building maintenance services for all venues.



Office and Corporate

All managers and business owners know that having a clean office is essential for a positive work environment. Our qualified personnel will make sure your place of work is clean, tidy, and overall more enjoyable to be in. Studies have shown that a cleaner work space creates an atmosphere for greater productivity. We work with large and small companies to help you maintain your business. We’re confident enough to guarantee our that office and corporate cleaning services will meet all of your needs and requirments. We’re not satisfied until you are.


Strata Building

We know that as a building manager, there’s a lot you have to take in to account and take care of.  New Clean Living can be your outsourced cleaning service provider. We offer 24/7 cleaning services, and supplies management. In other words, we come with all the cleaning products, whenever it is convenient for you, and we make sure all the consumables (paper towels, garbage bags, toilet paper, etc.) are refilled and in stock.


Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant owner know that keeping their clients happy is the ultimate goal. All great customer services begins with happy employees. In order to encourgae emploees to go above and beyond, owners should ensure their work space is clean and tidy. Although employees will take care of basi cleaning at the end of the shift, major cleaning, something all restaurants require, is left up to restaurant owners. Here is where New Clean Living specialized cleaning services come in. We will take care of your monthly major cleaning needs. Don’t hesitate to contact the best cleaning team in Vancouver.


Retail Store Cleaning

Your storefront speaks louder than any advertisement. It emphasizes your merchandise, and it brings value to the services your offer. Clients, wether consciously or not, take in the small details that can set you apart form your competition. For example, clean shelves, unstained carpet, clean walls. Get your store cleaned, from top to bottom, and impress anyone who steps into your store.