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Tile and Grout Cleaning and Re-Sealing

Our technicians have been trained¬†and are certified advanced cleaning technicians. Although our carpet cleaning service is top-of-the-line, New Clean Living is not a one trick pony. For example, we also clean surfaces such as tile. We have a strong knowledge of the materials we’re working with, and are aware of the different kinds of tile and the different methods of cleaning they demand.


Pressure Washing

We at New Clean Living know which solutions to use on different surfaces, and what psi to use to achieve amazing results. Lastly, we are very much dedicated to the environment, so we use solutions that are entirely eco-friendly.


Floor Maintenace

The maintenance of resilient and non-resilient floors is a large part to any building maintenance program. Choosing a company like New Clean Living to maintain your floors saves you money.


Commercial Cleaning

New Clean Living will effectively deal with any cleaning issues you have in the most discrete way possible. We believe clear communication is the key to better customer service, therefore we check-up on our clients to make sure they’re satisfied with our services.


Carpet Cleaning

New Clean Living speciality is carpet cleaning. We started providing carpet cleaning services and we became the best at it. Give us any type of carpet and we will turn it into its new version!