New Clean LivingNew Clean Living

New Clean Living will bring the shine into your construction project

At New Clean Living our Quality and Reliable Post Construction Cleaning Services is what Developers, Builders and Contractors Count on.

Even before the dust settles N.C.L. is there to help with any Construction Cleaning needs, Mud dust removal before painting, garbage removal, pressure washing or anything else you may need N.C.L. is there to get the job done.

You can trust the professionals at N.C.L.  to bring out the brilliance and shine in your new building project. Let us transform your construction site into the clean and beautiful master piece you created.

N.C.L. understands the urgency to have a construction site ready for occupancy once the construction crews are done. We also are aware of what gets left behind by the crews, knowing this we are prepared to have the site ready in the least amount of time.


Our professional cleaners pay close attention to detail and take care of items that others might miss. You can relax knowing that N.C.L.’s professional cleaning services will turn your construction site into a welcoming home or business.

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Here’s a brief cleaning checklist of what you can expect from our cleaning crew:

  • Dust ceilings and ceiling fans, get rid of cobwebs
  • Clean trim, baseboards, window frames, and doorframes
  • Dust handrails, mantels, and other various woodwork
  • Clean sides and tops of doors
  • Remove any paint, mud, and debris from hinges
  • Clean interior masonry (brick, rock, marble)
  • Clean windows (glass, tracks, frames) and remove any stickers
  • Clean light fixtures and bulbs
  • Clean electrical switches and outlets
  • Cabinets and closets cleaned inside and out
  • Doors cleaned front and back, tops and sides
  • Clean blinds/shutters
  • Remove and dispose of any protective plastic film
  • Remove floor vents so that you can vacuum ducts
  • Clean floors (buffing, waxing, sealing)
  • Remove and dispose of all trash